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How Can You Generate Leads For Your Business?

Let us make it simple for you. There're 5 ways to generate leads:
1. SEO
2. Advertising
3. Networking
4. Direct Mail
5. Referrals
Search Engine Optimization

There's plenty of information available on the internet about SEO. To summarize it in a sentence, you need good quality unique content that people will share and link to. It's tough to do when you have competitors spending $10,000 to $50,000 per month on SEO agencies, creating content and links.

Let's talk strategies that are realistic for your time and budget.

Video Marketing

Video is a great way to create valuable content for your target audience and then repurpose it into different formats. It is quick and easy to come up with a number of questions that your potential clients are interested in, answer those on video and almost immediately have a set of 10+ videos for distribution online, a printed info packet, an audio CD that can be sent out to those who’d like to listen to it in a car and even a DVD for special clients to take home.

We work with top video production experts and depending on your location and project scope, we can either come on site or have you and your team come in to one of the various video studios we work with.

In the end, online video consumption is yet to grow and it is a must have for any business serious enough about its marketing efforts.

Reputation Management

Ever seen a disgruntled customer or employee post negative comments about a business online? It happens every day and you need to be protected.

Most prospects would check for your reviews online before even considering to call your office. Do you know how you’re being perceived by your potential clients even before they reach out to you?

You can protect yourself and your business by being proactive and generate a significant amount of 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo and other local search engines and review web sites.

We have systems in place that have been proven to work, and will get you to rank higher than any of your competition, all you need to do is make at least some of your customers happy, and leave the rest to us.

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Online Advertising

We’re experts in Pay Per Click advertising on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yahoo. There’re many ways you can get it wrong and waste a lot of money without getting much in return, rather than talk about what doesn’t work we’d like to show you how we make it work.

The best way to ensure greatest results is to coordinate online advertising with several other aspects of marketing strategies, including landing page optimization, retargeting, lead generation, automated scheduled follow up, and other lead conversion strategies.


Networking is a key way to generate business. Having a relationship with someone is the best way to earn their trust and their business.

The challenge of networking is that it takes up a lot of your time, and it's hard to scale. You can't be in 2 places at once.

There's plenty of information available online on how to network, so we won't touch on it here. We'd rather focus on helping you develop scalable marketing strategies that doesn't require you to be in 2 places at once.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is still king when it comes to lead generation efforts. To ensure a positive ROI it is the question of selected target audience and message being sent. Whether it is an Every Door Direct Mail campaign or you need to acquire a specific list of individuals, we can help you find the different options for you, come up with the messaging and design the ready to print materials.

We’ll then work directly with printing house and send the mail for you as well. There’re companies that specialize in this stuff, why would you try to print, package and lick the stamps in your office when you have bigger and better things to think of.

Seasonal Campaigns

There’re 12 holidays a year in Canada and the United States. It is a good reason to reach out to your target audience and remind them of your existence.

It is best that seasonal campaigns are run in sync across the different media, including direct mail, social network profiles, web site, emails and even your office if you’re a brick and mortar business.

We’d love to work with you to come up with a holiday-related marketing campaign but beware, we get really busy during the holidays so it is best you contact as early as possible so we can schedule you in and deliver on time.


Referral Marketing

Every business could use one or more referral sources. They can be your current or past clients, professionals who work with your target market but in a different area (for example, a real estate company can work with mortgage brokers, or lawyers from a different geographic area who refer business to each other).

You can have a pay per lead or pay per client model, or simply have an understanding of sending referrals to each other.

"As with any other system in your business, you should have a referral system that will require a consistent action and as a result bring in a consistent flow of referrals."

It includes things like letting your referral sources know who your best client is, educating them on the different types of services you provide, and making it easy to refer to you by giving them an incentive and an offer that is only available when prospects approach you from a referral source.

We usually send out tips on how to get more referrals in your business in our bi-weekly email newsletter.

By watching video below, you will also get your first copy of our newsletter.

Done for You Marketing
Newsletters, Blogging, Social Media Engagement

It’s like having a team of experts at your fingertips to handle all the marketing activities you need to be engaged in to keep showing up where your customers are.

We have various monthly plans that we’ve customized for different budgets and business goals. Each includes certain amount of time to sit down with a business owner each month and come up with content to be distributed across various media platforms (including actual physically mailed newsletter, blog posts, videos, call transcripts and other services).

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