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Implement a Marketing Automation System to Earn More and Work Less

The most common request for marketing agencies is to help businesses get more leads. Probably you have been a victim of such a thought, too,

“If only I had enough leads coming through I’d be OK”

In reality what happens is we forget what goes on with the leads that we do generate.

Let’s look at the formula that most businesses go by:

It's Just Like Dating

This is just like going on Broadway Ave in New York City and asking every girl you meet to marry you. Chances are after a significant number of failures, one poor soul might actually accept your offer, and it may not actually be the girl you’d want to marry after all.

So just like we do in real life, what needs to happen in business is to get your prospects to go with you on a date, in the form of getting to read some of your free valuable content (an ebook, a report, a video).

Permission to Develop Relationship Over Time

With that, we get their permission to send them follow up emails, just like having 2nd and 3rd dates to learn more about each other and grow your relationship.

Let’s see how this applies to business in an updated and expanded view:

At each step of the way we have a definite drop-off rate and only a slight chance of conversion. That’s where marketing automation comes in to help you convert more of the leads that you already get.

But there’s more, can you guess what 2 other steps we’ve missed in our process map above?

Infusionsoft to the Rescue

Marketing Automation with Infusionsoft

Rather than try to explain how Infusionsoft saves you money, helps you sell more, and does it all automatically, even when you're on vacation, we'd rather show you a quick Demo of what it can do for your business.

Give us a call if you'd like to see how Infusionsoft can help with your marketing. We're Certified Infusionsoft Partners, so we know how it works.

Otherwise, feel free to watch the video below, what have you got to lose?

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